Skynet – Video Analytics Solution

Traffic Count / Draw rate
Reliable traffic counting system to understand the traffic trends, peak hours and conversion rates.

Shoppers Demographics Recognition
Shopper’s gender and age distribution.

VIP Member Recognition
Record VIP member’s visits to ensure quality services in time.

Path Tracking
Acquire customers shopping paths, optimize stores displays.

Heat Map Analysis
Capture areas with high concentration of shoppers, knowing what attract them most, for product display optimization.

Remote Monitoring Management
Real time monitoring no matter where you are.

Traffic Counting

How many shoppers visited your stores but did not purchase?

Heat Map

Utilize hourly heat map to reflect product popularity

  • Analyze the reason for new heat spot (area of interest), maintain the area attractiveness and keep increasing new hot spots.
  • Analyze the reason for less visited area and corresponding products, re evaluate path design and product display optimization.

Area 1: New Hot Spots Jeans & White T shirt (Woman)
Area 2: New Hot Spot Dark Blue Jeans (Man)

Area 4: New Hot Spot Black Jeans (Man)

Reporting Tool


Peak Traffic Hours for Staff Scheduling

* 51% of weekly traffic, which is potential business opportunity, occurs around 30% of store operating hours.

Skynet System Architecture

Standard Operations Procedure

Professional Services (Change Process)