CST Online Operations Services

CST helps all retail brands and products to sell online by providing operations services and vertical market channels.

Omni-channel Marketing

– Public Platforms

  • Store registration with any of the public platforms in China
  • Act as a TP for any retail brand/product in China
  • Total operations services as mentioned
  • South East Asia services to be launched in end 2019, starting with Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, Facebook, Instagram etc.

– O2O with Shopping Malls


Mallcoo APP helps Shopping Malls to provide real time interactive marketing channels for Mall owners, retail shops and consumers in the operation process. Mallcoo is servicing 500 Shopping Malls for their online social media platforms.

China Resources
As an important achievement of “+ Internet” in China Resources, the “Yi Dian Wan Xiang” starts from user experience and consumer needs, develops core functions to provide customers with convenient, exclusive, full scene and full channel services, connected with over 50 China Resources Land shopping malls in China.

Aegean Group relies on the Aegean Shopping Park, which is operated by the Aegean Group, to provide better life experience for Chinese consumers. At present, Aegean Sea Shopping Park has presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Kunming and Wuxi, as well as more than 30 large and medium sized cities in the central and Western regions, with a total business management area of more than 3 million square meters.

– O2O Pop-up Store
O2O Membership Recruitment and Marketing Activities

Pop-up Store in Shopping Malls

  1. Pop up store can be setup in suitable shopping malls to do branding, create brand awareness and marketing activities
  2. Jointly with the brand owner, we can design creative marketing events including for instance sample dispenser vending machines to allow consumers to collect free samples of the products, through scanning of the QR code of our online store for membership recruitment
  3. We can also collect demographics data of all the consumers at the event, by deploying CKC Mobile WIFI beacons, to facilitate ongoing precision digital marketing and recruit online members through offline traffic

Samples Dispenser and Members Recruitment

Pop-up store combined with smart samples dispenser vending machine

The smart samples dispenser vending machine can quickly attract and recruit potential consumers/members for the brand’s online store, using free samples, and through Fission Marketing to accelerate the promotion of the brand and multiply the marketing reach.

Step 1: User selects sample

Step 2: Register Membership

Step 3: Pay and collect sample

Step 4 : To share on social media before re-purchasing/ collect new samples

Twisting Egg Machine

> High value, fun to play, toss / catch the doll to attract people.

> Turn the egg or grab the goods/coupons, and incentivize shopping.

– Corporate Welfare & Points Reward System Platforms


China National Petroleum Corporate Life
China National Petroleum Corporation Life e-commerce platform officially opened on September 1, 2017. The platform provides quality life services to CNPC employees and customers, such as medical care, health care, pension, employment, online shopping, tourism, etc..

YQB.com is Ping An Group’s mobile payment APP which has 80 million members. YQB.com focuses on the mobile Internet and Internet finance, and is committed to providing Internet finance and consumer services to the public.

The e-commerce platform “ICBC Mall” helps the Bank to gather together customers and merchants, connect trading and financing and innovate in the new typed customer relationships featuring the integration of finance and commerce. The Bank accelerated the mobile side construction of ICBC Mall and the customers with transaction concluded in the mobile side accounted for about a half.

– Residential Community


Qianding, founded in March 2014, is a community oriented technology company. Through the innovative technology of Internet of Things, Qianding provides faster and more satisfactory value added services for community families, and create a new experience of intelligent community, connected with 4,500 communities.

Hallolife gathers the “familiar strangers” in the community, and participates in community communities through the form of community activities in conjunction with the surrounding retail shops to cultivate community reputation. Through the combination of online and offline, neighbors can help each other and share resources.

Zhaoshang Daojiahui
Zhao Shang Dao Jia Hui is a comprehensive smart community platform, which combines neighborhood social interaction, property services, community business and other aspects closely related to the daily life of community users.

e-Commerce Platform Operations

Build-and-Run your store

How does it work?

Choose your subject, your brand, your strategy

Choose your subject, your brand, your strategy

Build the store, put on the SKU sales online, customize

Marketing your brand!

Marketing your brand!

Start selling products on your online shop or through other

Selling the product

Selling the product

Once a product is sold, we will drop ship from

After sales

After sales

We handle your after sales, operations including product return and

Online Marketing

Connection with consumers

  • Through the new media marketing platform, setup official accounts on new media platforms, and establish connection with consumers.

Interaction with consumers

  • Through the official new media platforms accounts, to manage a number of marketing trumpets, engage with precise customers and obtain the trust of users.


  • Through marketing campaign, promotion events, purchasing incentive, to convert traffic to customers and members.

Refined operations and precision marketing

  • Through online communities marketing and CRM, establish customer relationship and feedback system, to collect and manage consumers demographic, and implement precision marketing.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Web Design & Development

Online Marketplace Listing & Management

Digital Marketing

Online Marketplace Listing & Management

Social Media Management

Fulfilment Services


20,000 m2  of warehouse space to fulfill all kinds of products


Bar Coding System for identification.
First-In-First-Out system to manage your inventory.


Combine several products into one parcel to save shipping cost. Your warehouse, your way.


Multi warehouse (China bonded warehouse, Hong Kong, Singapore) for flexible fulfillment options. Controlled temperature storage condition.

Our Standard Workflow

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