CKC Virtual/Digital Marketing Platform for tenants

CKC is a new retail technology, based on big data analytics, to bridge the gap of online and offline, to allow one to become a omni channel retailer to better understand, connect and interact with consumers and members.

CKC has an effective coverage of about 30m radius where it detects MAC addresses of smart devices seamlessly. The application of CKC system helps any retailer to capture suffice information to manage retail stores more effectively and efficiently, including precision marketing programs through most of the Apps in China. Bear in mind that, your decision and action is as good as your information.

CKC Hardware

The hardware is easy to install, plug play, and maintenance free The Wi-Fi version requires a power source, where we can either connect to a Wi-Fi router via cable or plug into any work station or computer with stable Wi-Fi connection.

The 3 G version only needs a power supply.

CKC Data Overview

Data Insights:

  1. Gender is pretty balanced
  2. Age group mainly between 18-44, with the highest proportion of 43.44% falling under the age group of 25-34
  3. Medium spending power takes up around 47%(High:>RMB 20000, Medium:RMB 5000—20000 Low: 65%
  4. The Apps users of social, Movies/music, shopping, daily tools, news, office, finance add up to >60%
  5. >93% live in Shanghai, followed by Beijing, Suzhou, Nanchang and Nanjing.

Online Apps Analytics

External Traffic Heat Map



Sample of Target Consumers Definition

  • Define, sort and select target consumers based on different demographics
  • Using static and dynamic demographics

CKC – The Power of Big Data

Working with more than 500,000 Apps in China

Covering more than 90% netizen

Including but not limited to the following
Tencent 、 Toutiao 、 Taobao 、 Baidu 、 Sohu 、 Sina 、 Douyin

Samples of Marketing Modes

China has become the most important market for many products in the world. E.g. Chinese consumers make up 40% of global luxury sales and growing.

In China, >80% of luxury purchases are young consumers who spend lots of time on their mobile phones. Hence, it is a cost effective and efficient channel to do digital marketing, to do branding, or to stimulate and drive spending and conversion.

Corner of videos

When video is paused

Dynamic Banner

Opening of App


Full Screen

Pop Up

Graphic Banner


Samples of Digital Marketing on Apps

A Good Mix of Various Marketing Modes, to Achieve Different Goals